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Table 1 Socio-demographic characteristics of respondents

From: Prostitution in northern Central India: an ethnographical study of Bedia community

Socio-demographic variablesN1 = 615N2 = 69N1+ N2 = N = 684Percentage
Marital status
 Married133 M 148Fa15 M 15F31145.46%
 Unmarried151 M 158F18 M 20F34750.73%
 Divorcee00 M 04F00 M 00F040.58%
 Widow/Widower02 M 19F00 M 01F223.21%
Education Level
 Higher Secondary/Above1504192.77%
Livelihood Sourceb
 Prostitution/Rai and Agriculture4824652877.19%
Income Monthlyb
 Rs. 5000/−3002932948.09%
 Rs. 5001/− to 10,000/−1321214421.05%
 Rs. 10,001/− to 15,000/−1221213419.59%
  > Rs. 15,000/−61167711.25%
  1. N denotes total number of population. N1 Habla, N2 Fatehpur, F female, M Male
  2. Source: Data from local government samagra state population register, 2016 and fieldwork 2018–19
  3. aIncluding the cases where their husbands are not living with them
  4. bLivelihood source and monthly income are the household data mentioned in the proportion of family members